18th May, 2016

Motherhood : A Candid Talk With Hannah Carpenter


All clothing: Velveteen and Laura.Egloff by Velveteen. Photography: Angelina Lopez. 

Your husband Heath is a writer and a college English professor. How has this enriched your life and the life of your kids?

I’m so glad to get to talk about Heath. He doesn’t get enough mention in my online existence, and you know, it’s really a shame, because he’s quite a cool individual. Heath is smart and I honestly didn’t know that when I married him. I mean I knew he was smart, but he’s like, really smart! And well-rounded. He can discuss critical theory and fluidly rap along with Q-Tip with the same tongue.
We work well at inspiring one another I think. For me, that’s an essential component for a lasting relationship. And the fact that I have no doubt our relationship will stand the test of time, THAT enriches the lives of our children. They are secure and confident in our relationship, even though they know Heath and I can’t stand each other 10% of the time (because, duh). And you know, while we are in no way intellectually superior or anything like that, we do have lots and lots of political and theological, and just life conversations in our house, around and with our kids. Heath always says that his girls are probably going to rebel against his academic influence by marrying some guy who just wants to watch and talk about Nascar. (No offense to the Nascar lovers.)
You are a mom, blogger, illustrator and somehow have time to still homeschool your kiddos. Why did you choose to homeschool and how do you balance it all? Do you have any tips?
It’s so difficult to answer this question because the answer is not simple. First and foremost, I do not balance it all. I desperately don’t want to give the illusion that I do all of these things with ease, and that I have some super-human ability to accomplish all the things and still raise brilliant children. It’s flipping HARD! And I feel like I might be losing my mind and failing at everything a lot of the time. I’m human, not super-human; there’s only so much I can do and still maintain a happy, healthy life.  I’m always searching for the balance. Aren’t we all!
As for why I have chosen to homeschool, my oldest asked to be homeschooled when she was going into 4th grade, 4 years ago. As an aside, but an essential aside, Heath and I each came to our marriage with a child, he with Tristin and I with Silas. So when Tristin asked to be homeschooled, I saw it as a potential opportunity for us as a family to work toward creating even stronger connections with one another. More than anything, I wanted my kids to feel secure in our family, and I saw homeschooling as an avenue for establishing that security.
No matter which schooling route you or I choose as a parent, there will be pros and cons to each. We remain open to other options. In fact, I recently told my kids that I will only continue homeschooling them if they form a family band over the summer! Ha! I feel like it’s a win/win. Either they form a family band, and, well, AWESOME, or they don’t and go to school, and, well, that might be awesome too ;)
Your the mastermind behind Little Biscuits. How did you come up with the idea of drawing other peoples kiddos to make personalized stationary? When you have free time and doodle what do you like to draw?
Actually, I am only half of the mastermind behind Little Biscuits. My friend and business partner, Heather Thrash, actually approached me with the concept of creating portraits of kids. Truthfully, I never enjoyed portraiture. I found it somewhat stressful, the pressure of capturing a likeness, but I thought it was a cool idea, and because I respect Heather’s creative instincts so much, I knew we could create something special. Together, Heather and I further developed the Little-Biscuits concept into what it is now. It was quite a process or trial and error, but it’s been super fulfilling. It’s interesting how much people love seeing themselves or their children or pets in illustrated form, especially if their true essence is captured.
With four kids in the house that means a lot of different personalities (fun)! How do you keep the peace in your home especially after a long homeschool day? Any tricks or tips to share?
HA!!! I just have to laugh. I mean, we’re a normal family. I lose my cool on the regular. We all do. And with four kids, I keep the peace by threatening their lives ;) And my friend Nicolette once told me she sings her frustrations to her kids. I loved that so much. So sometimes when I want to freak out on my kids and yell at the top of my lungs, I sing it to them instead, and it’s pretty hilarious.
You live in Arkansas. A lot of people don’t know anything about this state. What is something you would say you most love about it and what do you want others to know about it?
There’s great food and music and art in Arkansas. It will surprise you. We aren’t all red-neck, Donald Trump supporting yokels. But probably my favorite thing about Arkansas is its family-oriented, small-townish essence. Even in the larger cities like Little Rock, where you see a lot of diversity and progressive-leaning social and economical opinion, you still get that small town, family, community feel.
If someone from out of state came to visit where are the top 3 places you think they should consider seeing?
1. Eureka Springs for the eclectic, diverse, creativity.
2. Bentonville for a world class museum, creative food scene, and all the Ozark Mountains have to offer. If your outdoorsish (which I am not) there’s a lot to enjoy in Arkansas; hiking, fishing, biking, camping. And there are some beautiful landscapes in these parts. But I’m not into bugs and lots of sweat, so I choose not to take advantage of all of that very much. But it’s here!
Maybe Mountain View for a taste of folk music.
3. And I can’t leave out Little Rock. You can always find good food and music in Little Rock.
Motherhood is HARD but you just seem to portray it so well. Your life through your instagram feed seems so fun and real. Why has it been so important to keep your life through pictures ‘real’, fun and humorous?
You know, I want to be inspiring yet relatable. I used to feel bad about wearing a padded bra because it seemed like I was portraying something other than the truth. I know, ridiculous. But in some weird way, Instagram can be like a padded bra. And while I “pad” reality some in my Instagram posts, crop out some of the mess, dress my kids in clothes I couldn’t afford if it weren’t for Instagram collaborations, I still want others to know they aren’t the only ones flat chested underneath the padding. We’re all just doing the best we can, no boobs, saggy boobs and all in between.
Enid is your little singer in your family. What are the top 5 jams you tend to keep on repeat at your house?
1. We’ve been crushing pretty hard on Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats lately. His song I Need Never Get Old can turn my mood around immediately.
2. Trick or Treat by Otis Redding.
3. Enid is a Top 40 fan. That stuff gets her up and moving, especially Megan Trainor.
4. Another of Enid’s favorites is the 60’s song Surf City by Jan & Dean. I don’t understand it, but it just speaks to her.
5. We’re All Young Together by Walter Martin.
What is one thing you hope your children learn from you?
 We don’t know it all, and that’s okay.

17th April, 2016

Exploring India: Design and sourcing for SS17

Colour inspiration

Incredible India. Delhi is a city of crazy chaos with tuk tuks swerving around highways, goats and cows wondering into the road, the most people you have ever seen in one place and open houses full of bucket dying and piles of fabrics. However, there is beauty to be seen on every corner, women in colorful saris whooshing past on scooters, lorries painted with murals and colorful tassels hanging from their mirrors and shop upon shop of beads, sequins and tapes, a designers heaven.

We go to India every few months to source trims, explore the local art and design scene and work with our factory on producing our fabrics and create prototypes. From our initial moodboards and colour stories to creating new shapes and intricate embroideries we work closely with our factory to ensure quality and innovation in our collections.

We always enjoy exploring India, it is one of our main sources of inspiration and spending time with our friends there means we are already looking forward to our next adventure!


All that glitters is gold

Beads and sequins


Indian art

Bright and fun shops

Eclectic shops

Prototype success

One of our prototypes which got the thumbs up for SS17


12th March, 2016

SS16 Style edit: Sail into Spring

Sail into Spring with out edit of spots, stripes and gingham, classic prints to mix and match all summer long

1. Sienna top in blue dobby 2. Annie shorts in navy 3. Sofia dress in navy 4. Julia top in terracotta gingham 5. Candice shorts in jersey stripe 6. Cecily bloomers in navy 7. Amy top in blue dobby 8. Lisa jumpsuit in jersey stripe 9. Olivia dress in terracotta gingham 10. Ruby market bag 11. Rose dress in navy

11th March, 2016

Meet the boutiques: LITTLECIRCLE

Lisa Picardo Hill Anna Bromilow Poloniecki Founders LITTLECIRCLE

Lisa Picardo Hill and Anna Bromilow Poloniecki, founders of LITTLECIRCLE

When we produce our collections we like to know that the clothes go to customers who will feel special wearing them and will also have a great experience buying them. In this series we reveal some of the fantastic boutique owners, buyers and shop assistants who we work with in different countries around the Globe, to make the shopping experience one to be treasured.

Our first ‘Meet the Boutiques’ feature is about Lisa Picardo Hill and Anna Bromilow Poloniecki, founders of a gorgeous new online shop LITTLECIRCLE in the UK.

Anna and Lisa first met at University but went on to pursue different carer paths, Anna as the former Fashion Director of Tatler Magazine and Lisa was an Executive Director for Morgan Stanley Private Equity. However, having previous experience working in M&A, specialising in the retail/consumer sector and also in personal styling the pair have come back together in London to create LITTLECIRCLE.

The feel of the shop is contemporary and luxurious, discovering and pulling together the most covetable childrenswear brands from all over the world, curated into one focused online collection. Every piece feels special and is expertly styled with a Fashion Editor’s eye.

A great credit to LITLLECIRCLE is that they believe in sustainability. As a customer you can buy gorgeous clothing from their shop and when your child grows out of it they will sell it on for you and give you credit for new pieces for the next season. They are aiming to be the long term fashion solution for stylish parents to dress their growing children. They support beautiful design and craftsmanship and offer a savvy, chic solution for the short life span of children’s clothes.

We are also in love with the LITTLECIRCLE Instagram feed which consists of dreamy editorials. These pictures from French Vogue, Bonpoint and Papier Mache show just how inspirational children’s clothing can be.

Insta pic 1

Insta pic 2

Insta pic 3

15th February, 2016

AW16 featured in Babiekins magazine


Our Velveteen AW16 collection has been featured in the Babiekins Valentines gift guide with their editorial ‘day campers’. With styling by the talented Jessica Zindren and photography from the fantastic Allie Cottrill the shoot centers around a family enjoying a cosy looking holiday in a lodge. Also featured is the Stevie dress from our new ladies wear line Laura.Egloff by Velveteen @laura.egloff The new collection launches with AW16 and provides stylish and sophisticated outfits for women on the go; if you think what the Mother of a Velveteen child would wear,  you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Bella dress

Bella dress

Claudia dress

Claudia dress

Audrey dress

Audrey dress

Stevie dress

The Stevie dress from Laura.Egloff

Pippa dress

Piper dress

12th February, 2016

SS16: Palm beach with Elizabeth Pettey

Eloise skort

Elise wears Charlotte cardigan, Lucia top and Eloise skort

 Palm beach screams summer fun and that is just what happened when photographer Elizabeth Pettey took our SS16 collection and 3 gorgeous girls Elise, Sofia and Kinslee to hang out at the beach and work on their best poses. We love the dreamy feeling to this shoot which provides a soft, elegant look.

Gold lame 1

Elise wears Charlotte cardigan, Lucia top and Eloise skort. Kinslee wears Isabella dress

Gold lame 2

Elise wears Charlotte cardigan, Lucia top and Eloise skort. Kinslee wears Isabella dress

White Frankie dress

Elise wears Frankie dress

Black Frankie dress

Elise wears Frankie dress

Annie shorts

Kinslee wears Mabel top and Annie shorts

Liv skirt

Elise wears Mabel top and Liv skirt

Poppy top

Sofia wears Poppy top and Annie shorts

Rose tiered dress

Kinslee wears Rose dress

Sienna top

Kinslee wears Sienna top and Anna skirt

3rd February, 2016

SS16 Style edit: Valentine’s day

Valentines day


Spring is on it’s way and love is in the air as we approach Valentine’s day. Whether your darling girl is 3 and only has eyes for her Daddy or 10 with a first crush; our SS16 collection is full of twirly, girly pieces to perfectly capture that ‘butter wouldn’t melt look’ (whether it is true or not?!) To complete the peachy perfection of these outfits we have recommended accessories available from @Smallable_store

1. Vivi top in floral 2. Eloise skort in Ivory 3. Bakker made with love bag from Smallable 4. Pom pom necklace from Smallable 5. Phone cover from Smallable 6. Poppy blouse in off white 7. Liv maxi skirt in cherry blossom 8. Charlotte cardigan in Ivory 9. Cami skirt in cherry blossom 10. Nail varnishes from Smallable 11. Marta dress in floral gauze

2nd February, 2016

SS16 collection has arrived!

Girls, boys and babies take note your SS16 wardrobes are now online and ready to buy. Our SS16 collection was inspired by 1970’s bohemia in California, from the rolling hills of Napa Valley wine country to the rolling waves of Malibu Beach and Topanga Canyon. From delicate florals and soft blues to sparkling gold lame and denim this collection is romantic and bohemian with a big dose of fun!

This gorgeous summer photoshoot from the talented Monika Elena gives you a better look at some of our key pieces including the Frankie dress, Poppy blouse, Eloise skort and Julia top for girls and the Scott shorts, Artie shirt and Nitin top for boys.

All of these pieces are now available online at the Velveteen shop


From left to right: Artie shirt and Dean trousers, Lucia tee and Cami skirt, Frankie dress


Charlotte cardigan, Lucia tee and Eloise skort


Frankie dress

IMG_0050 copy

From left to right: Julia top and Candice shorts, Marta dress


From left to right: Frankie dress, Sophia dress


Artie shirt


Poppy top and Eloise skort


Freddie shirt and Scott shorts


Nitin top and Scott shorts, Poppy blouse and Eloise skort


Artie shirt and Dean trousers


Frankie dress


Nitin shirt and Dean trousers


From left to right: Frankie dress, Nitin shirt and Dean trousers


 From left to right: Gigi top and Candice shorts, Artie shirt and Dean trousers, Lucia tee and Anna skirt

IMG_0203 copy

Poppy top and Eloise skort

20th December, 2015

AW15 Style Edit: A cosy Christmas


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.’

1. Velveteen Janice pom pom beanie in Chartreuse | 2. Velveteen Anson knitted leggings | 3. Etiquette luxury socks bundle via Notsobig | 4. Velveteen Camille top in Fig dobby | 5. Maileg Ski Mouse via Notsobig | 6. Maileg matchbox bed via Notsobig | 7. Velveteen Hester cardigan in Chartreuse | 8. Velveteen Lola wrap in Off White | 9. Velveteen Ofelia top in Fig and Chartreuse dot | 10. Velveteen Molly pants in Off White